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New Items

17 March 2024

While recently perusing the References section of the site, I realized that a couple of years ago, in preparation for an eventual site update, I had already added the pictures for several books as placeholders for the text when I finally got around to reviewing them. But none of those books were the ones that I ultimately included in my recent updates. I imagine anyone who had seen those were likely confused as to why the short amount of text in the placeholder didn't match the book that was pictured there. Oops. Problem now fixed. Added a couple of quick previews to the update as well. More coming soon.

24 February 2024

Delving into the archives for a few more additions to the reference page.

20 February 2024

Time to add some new reference material. Well... new to me. Some of these have been around for quite some time now. Plus a few more reviews and still catching up on Gallery entries.

1 January 2024

I wanted to start the new year the same as I ended last year, with an update that will make me optimistic for the coming year. Only a single new item today, but I hope it's useful.

30 December 2023

Making a dent in the large backlog of material I need to review. The previous update was only a fraction of what I have left to process.

29 December 2023

Lo' and behold, I have arisen from the ashes!

What a terrible few years it has been since my last update to this site. In addition to the obvious calamity of the worldwide covid pandemic, which is still ravaging parts of our communities, I personally have had a very difficult time these past few years, due to a toxic work environment at my place of employment. Spent over two and a half years trying to survive the worst supervisor one can imagine. Sadly, one of my teammates didn't survive. It was a hard time, but thankfully that is now over, and I am trying to get back to some semblence of what my life was like prior to that terrible experience.

And that includes getting back into regular updates of this site! Rest assured, my modeling passion has only increased over the years, and the world of 1/72nd scale Sherman tank modeling has seen a lot of growth over that time as well. I have a TON of new material that I need to post, both new items that I have obtained since the last update, as well as many Gallery contributions that have languished in my inbox for years. My sincere apologies to those modelers below who have waited a long time for their photos to be uploaded. I'm not sure how many updates it will take for me to catch up. I'm just going to start writing new material now, and see how far I get before I feel like it can't wait any longer, and I'll post what I've completed so far. More to come!

17 February 2019

Introducing Friendship Models!

OK, so many of you probably are already aware of this company, but it has been a long time coming for me to add them to this website. My sincere apologies to Ian Hanratty (owner of Friendship Models) for taking so long. Friendship is an aftermarket company based in Scotland, and they market a line of small scale tanks, figures and accessories under the label of "Wee Friends". I have added as many of their products to the kit lists on this site as I can, but their catalog is constantly expanding, so it's hard to keep up. I will add reviews of several of their products that I own over the next couple of updates. Their website can be found at: (currently being updated). They are on eBay and Facebook as well, or you can contact them directly to request a product list (friendshipmodels(at)btinternet(d0t)com).

For today, I actually have only a single new article. More are coming soon.

Preview: UM M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman

27 August 2018

15 August 2018

  • Preview: New Penguin Decals M4A2 (76)W Lend Lease Red Army Shermans
  • Along with the addition of the above decals, I have updated the Soviet Sherman Markings page. Developing this list was difficult due to the lack of decent English-language reference material. Even the best source available, Comrade Emcha by C. Gillono, has contradictory information within it. In many cases, the unit information was selected on majority rules, even though I know that some decal makers simply copy the information from others. If anyone has new information to correct what is shown, I would appreciate you sending it to me.

24 July 2018

1 March 2018

Got a pile of new reference material for my birthday:

As a side note - these Tankograd Technical Manuals are outstanding books. The series includes volumes on a wide range of American equipment during WW II, including light tanks, half-tracks, artillery, and so on. I highly recommend them.

19 January 2018

  • Gallery: M4A2, Sherman by Roman Schilhart
  • Gallery: M7 Priest, by Roman Schilhart

5 January 2018

Today's update is all about machineguns.

4 January 2018

Well, that didn't last long. My email address is already compromised. Thus, here is a new one (let's see how long it lasts):

dougc [at] 172shermans [d0t] c0m

First update of the new year is not as large as I had hoped, but perhaps this is the new model for my updates: smaller but more frequent.

28 December 2017

Managed to slip in one more preview this year:

26 December 2017

I see that I began this year with a large site update, so it's only fitting to end the year the same way. I actually have many more items to preview, but I think this is all I can fit in before the end of the year. Look for another update early in 2018.

I have reinstated my website email address: doug (at) 172shermans (dot) com

I don't check messages very often, maybe once per week, so my replies may not be very prompt.

8 November 2017

After such a long break, I was hoping for a much more substantial update, but that was not to be. I have a couple articles underway, as well as three M4A2 builds (Furious II, Bohun, and Meir), so hopefully I'll get those completed in the coming months.

21 April 2017

Just a couple of quick updates.

21 March 2017

Catching up on Previews of some very old items.

9 March 2017

Article: Comparison of 75mm Gun Mounts

17 February 2017

Article: Evaluating M4A2 Engine Decks

17 January 2017

A big update today, a long time coming.

The biggest change to the site is that it now includes the M3 Medium Tank and the Canadian Ram Tank. This is material that I've long wanted to add, and after much effort have finally made it a reality. For those of you who've asked for this information since the inception of this website, thanks much for your patience.

As I mentioned months ago on my Facebook page, I have made a minor correction to the decals section for the Dragon M4A4 ST-QUENTIN markings. I had previously stated that the ST-QUENTIN markings were incorrect, because they lacked the "S", and instead read "T-QUENTIN". Well, if I only would have opened my eyes, I would have seen the missing "S" in the upper left corner of the decal sheet, mixed in with the markings for the Chinese tank. My apologies to Dragon for the false accusation of error.

29 September 2016

I was recently perusing the Archived What's New page (link at the bottom), and I find it funny that I used to apologize for a two-week delay in updating this site. Oh, happier times...

Coming Soon! - I will soon be adding to this website the M3 Medium Tank (Lee/Grant) and all its derivatives. Stay tuned.

21 April 2016

Small update tonight to get back into the swing of things.

8 April 2015

Thanks to Stephen Brezinski, we have a few new previews tonight for some items from a manufacturer previously unrepresented on this website, Friendship Models. I hope to soon add their entire catalog to the kit lists.

13 January 2015

Happy New Year! A couple of new previews this evening:

29 November 2014

Well... Not quite two years. I hope this update marks the beginning of the revival of this website, as I have a whole bunch of items to review that I've accumulated over the past years. But I make no promises. Some of you may have noticed that the email address I gave below no longer works; spammers got a hold of it so I had to change it again. For now, I am keeping my new email address private; not because I don't want to hear from you, but because I am not yet convinced that I am ready to resume regular updates to the site. So I don't want to receive a bunch of questions and contributions that I am unable to address at this time due to the time constraints imposed upon me by a toddler in the house...

I do have a Facebook page set up for discussions related to 1/72nd scale Sherman modeling, and you can find me there. Search for "Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale" and you'll find it.

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