Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale
M4 Sherman VVSS Units Friendship Models
Kit #WBM72124
Article by Doug Chaltry; last updated 30 December, 2023
It was probably difficult to decide what to title this set. When you look at what it entails, it's not the entire VVSS suspension units, but rather only the wheels attached to the suspenstion arms and levers. It took me awhile to track down the source of the parts, and I finally realized that they were modified from the Dragon suspension parts. Why, you may ask? Well, because for some odd reason, Dragon molded their wheels directly onto the rear suspension arms, and the front suspension arms are molded onto the suspension brackets. This is limiting in so many ways. By producing these parts here, Friendship has given us some options we didn't have before. The wheels (open spoke) look beautiful, and are not available in any Dragon kit. We can [partially] articulate the suspensions to depict the tank moving over uneven ground, though to be fair, the front and rear suspension arms operated independently from each other. But this is far better than the fixed arms in the kit. Casting is overall pretty good with only a couple of easily fixed bubbles in the resin. I love this set.

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Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale