Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale
Sherman Details & Accessories FIRMA49
Article by Doug Chaltry; last updated 30 December 2023
I am not sure how long this company has been around, but I've only recently discovered them at the Tracks & Troops webshop. They are producers of fine 3D-printed details and accessory sets in multiple scales, including 1/72nd (click on the logo above for a link to their website). The quality of these sets must be seen to be believed. When viewing the scans below, keep in mind the massive amount of magnification in the photographs. These are incredibly tiny parts, so the level of detail included on them is absolutely astounding. I have purchased many of their accessory sets, particularly those for crafting and detailing small scale figures. Shown on this page is a smattering of example sets for details and accessories that can be used for our small scale Sherman tanks.

Sherman Headlight Guards

Are these too delicate? I hope not, because they will look splendid on a completed model. Almost as thin as photoetched brass. If they remove easily from the printing frame, then I think they'll be easier to apply than photoetched as well.

British Aerial Bases and Roof Gunsights

Same comments as above.

US 105mm Howitzer Ammunition

US 105mm Howitzer Ammo Tubes

While I appreciate the open tubes, it's obvious that the opening (on both the tubes and their caps) are not large enough. If you have a fine enough drill bit, it would look more realistic to drill the openings a bit larger.

British WWII 2 gal Fuel Cans

Note that I accidentally broke some of the handles to these cans; they're that delicate. Will be quite easy to fix with a small strip of brass. Plus, they can look bent, which would be much more realistic as well.

US WWII Jerry Cans

FIRMA49 also markets a set of similar US WWII Water Cans (as well as jerry cans from other nationalities).

US WWII .50cal Ammo Cans

US WWII .30cal Ammo Cans

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Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale