Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale

US Tank Commanders 1944
Kit #A7

Article by Doug Chaltry; last updated 22 March 2008.

MMS figures are 1/76th scale. Unlike the Milicast resin figures, these MMS dudes are a little more delicate, and measure 23mm tall with their helmets, which puts them more in line with 1/76th, but they can easily be used for 1/72nd scale as well.

All five of these figures are wearing the lined field jacket, presumably over tanker overalls, and the standard tankers helmet with goggles. Some variety in uniform would have been nice, and the poses are fairly static, but when mixed with figures from other sets and manufacturers, I think these will fit in quite well. One right, and a choice of three left arms are included for one of the figures, as is an M1 carbine.

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Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale