Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale

Goffy Model
Sherman Ammunition Boxes
Kit #7205

Article by Doug Chaltry; last updated 12 November 2007.

Although the title doesn't indicate such, these boxes are for holding 76mm tank ammunition and not the smaller 75mm ammo. The photo above is from Goffy Model, and shows what this accessory set will look like when painted. Below are scans of the unpainted parts.

Included in the set are eight closed boxes, plus four boxes with open lids, each box holding two shell tubes. The woodgrain detail on the boxes is excellent, and with the exception of only a couple of tiny pinprick holes in the resin, the casting is superb.

Thank you very much to Goffy Model for the providing the review item.

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Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale